Bella 2.0 (the updated basics)


I’m writing this, because there are those things that are always a given with me, and it seems pointless to always copy them out in my posts. I still want to give these designers credit for making me look as good as I do tho….

I am almost always wearing my Maitreya Lara body, my eyes are from Adored, and my nails are DP Koffin Nails. I know it sounds crazy, but my eyes rarely if ever change, and the nails only get changed if I need to blog something other than her nails.

There has been one lovable change to my always wearing list and that is the LOGO Alex mesh head. It was love at first pout, and this head suits me.  My skin now, thanks to the Omega head is most times Pumec as I can have appliers for both body and head…. and I do love their skins.

I do have slink hands and feet, but honestly only wear the feet if I really love the shoes.

Also have the Belleza mesh bodies, but Jay looks way better with it than I ever did, so if you’d like to oggle the Belleza body, head to her blog 😉

hmmm..anything else? oh if you see me in shoes and I forget to say who’s…they’re prolly Reign.

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