I’ve been waitin’ all day…


When you gonna call
Don’t leave me brokenhearted
I’ve been waiting up
Let’s finish what we started, oh oh
I can’t seem to let you go

Ever have that one person that you wait for… and wait for…and wait for……?

Granted, most of it is my personality of not wanting to be like I’m a bother so I don’t get in there face and say ” A lil attention here please!” Still when you have a cute girl waiting….. you really need to smarten up before the cute girl does ūüėČ

For now, retail therapy…. including trips to Migica (50% off summer sale!!!!) ¬†N21, Tres Chic, and Shiny Shabby.

Just as a heads up, the capris I am wearing from Just Because are an N21 Exclusive, and they have a perfect fit. You don’t want to miss out on those.

What I’m wearing:

Magika – 01 – Summer

*Just BECAUSE* Jen Capris – N21Exclusive


Mimikri – Naomi Organza Crop Top blossom – Tres Chic

Decor ~ Zerkalo Sea Breeze gacha РShiny Shabby

I feel pretty, oh so pretty


See the pretty girl in that mirror there:
Who can that attractive girl be?
Such a pretty face,
Such a pretty dress,
Such a pretty smile,
Such a pretty me!

Ok might be the wrong song to be singing when it looks like I’m part of a gothic wedding, but in this dress it’s how I feel!

The gown is Moeko’s selection for the Aristo event this month, and the rich colors were a perfect compliment to the Gothic wedding set from¬†Deceitful Innocence at HSE’s Everlasting Love event.

Everlasting Love has been extended till the 22nd,¬†and Aristo ends on the 24th. So if you haven’t made your way there, do it soon!

snap moe1

What I’m wearing:

{MOEKO} Venetia Gown Scarlet @ Aristo

Deceitful Innocence! Gothic Wedding Set RARE @ HSE’s Everlasting Love

We’re all a lil mad here


It seems like every event is on one of two themes lately, mermaids, or Alice in wonderland. Now don’t get me wrong, chasing white rabbits, having some jealous queen yell at me and knowing it’s better down where it’s wetter sounds like one hell of a Vegas vacation…but..please…my ADD cannot handle any more of the same!

I am needing to make a folder just for wonderland…no, it won’t actually get filled, I’m sure something else will grab my attention before I put three things in it.

And in keeping with the title of this blog, it’s gonna get rambley… you see the other part of my brain is in Nashville doing something totally amazeballs for a week ( I MISS YOU JAY!!!!) so while I’ve been wandering thru the new events, I’ve been mindful to you know grab a few gacha items for her… yes, I know she’s only gone a week and the events will still be on, but you see it’s the principle of the thing. I know she would be there first day and getting those things, so it’s kinda like my duty to do that for her while she’s gone… that, and well she wakes up before me…so this is like the first time EVER that I get to give her a folder with all the awesome gacha goodies…feels kinda good.

Now, I am sure most of you are getting ready to head to Wayward Carnival, it starts really soon. I had the luck of being there yesterday, and while the stores have some fantastic things to buy… I’m gonna say the sim stole the spotlight. It is beautiful. I plan on heading there to take pictures after the insanity of shoppers passes.

The Kawaii Project also opened today, and well.. as I have had this rare wonderland tea set for a while (like week? yep forgot where I got it from too!) and have been wanting to use it.. I figured it couldn’t hurt to play a few gacha there…luck was with me and I got the items I wanted without going broke!


What I’m wearing and the decor:

TRUTH HAIR Essena Р variety ~ group gift

01 {Cora} Teatime hat .::Cubic Cherry:. RARE @ Kawaii Project

Nomi Alice key necklace @ Kawaii Project

Wearable Wonderland Tea Party (transfer) RARE

Nomi Alice tea time ! Alice RARE @ Kawaii Project

{anc} cotton bunny. cappuccino  @ Wayward Carnival 

dust bunny . summer picnic . picnic quilt @ Seasons Story