I’ve been waitin’ all day…


When you gonna call
Don’t leave me brokenhearted
I’ve been waiting up
Let’s finish what we started, oh oh
I can’t seem to let you go

Ever have that one person that you wait for… and wait for…and wait for……?

Granted, most of it is my personality of not wanting to be like I’m a bother so I don’t get in there face and say ” A lil attention here please!” Still when you have a cute girl waiting….. you really need to smarten up before the cute girl does ­čśë

For now, retail therapy…. including trips to Migica (50% off summer sale!!!!) ┬áN21, Tres Chic, and Shiny Shabby.

Just as a heads up, the capris I am wearing from Just Because are an N21 Exclusive, and they have a perfect fit. You don’t want to miss out on those.

What I’m wearing:

Magika – 01 – Summer

*Just BECAUSE* Jen Capris – N21Exclusive


Mimikri – Naomi Organza Crop Top blossom – Tres Chic

Decor ~ Zerkalo┬áSea Breeze gacha – Shiny Shabby

My addiction

“like cocaine, heroin, alcohol, vicadin”

I will admit, I am writing this post still consumed by this euphoric high of a gacha overdose. So if by chance I start rambling, you know why.

Today at noon The Gacha Garden allowed its bloggers access to the sim….

That is when it all started.

The OMG’s, the slight hyperventilation as I began to realize there were boxes there that I could click on and they GAVE me stuff!!

Ok when I was 2 we went to the Bear Creek Park for some city celelbration (can’t remember was 2) It was however MY birthday, and being 2 and of course me was highly impressed that the entire city came to my birthday (cake AND balloons) and Rooty Root Bear showed up he gave me a teddy, and started my life long love of root beer.

We will now fast forward a “few” years….

My birthday is tomorrow….and because I am still me..this is totally like the BEST present EVER in second life.

(yep, still gonna stick with the it’s for me thing… )

So where do I start? (I am actually writing this because every time I look at my sl screen it produces another”OMG there’s that too!!”)

Wow…that was so much stuff… and I decided..which was super hard…but I spent the last bit organizing some of┬áthe amazing furniture that is being offered into one of the free cottages at the Oasis. (yay for owning a spot, and yes.. I will even leave it up if you’d like to go see it for yourself) I don’t even know where to start! I love the fact that while you’ll see quite a few designers pieces, it all flows rather nicely in the room. ┬áThe guitar from Zerako┬áis so nicely detailed, as is the table from Miamai┬áThe fun thing that I absolutely LOVE tho are the clothes from┬áSallie x Body Language…mostly because that is a so me thing. There’s always something that I just left on the floor.

Honestly, the designers for this event did a fantastic job, and I really can’t wait for the event to open

Hope you enjoy your sneak peek!




And because, there is far too much to not share, here’s a tiny peek at a few of the other designers, and to show off one awesome necklace!

Snapshot_196 gachagarden

What I’m wearing:

Available @ Gacha Garden Aug 1

!APHORISM! Selene Bracelet – Turquoise

BAMSE: Mecha-Insect Necklace – BUTTERFLY (SILVER-RARE)

Essenz – Costa Rica (Maitreya)

S&P hippiedress short M sky

MINA – Yenna – All Specials SOI

So yes, you DO have to wait a couple days… but seriously, make sure not to miss this amazing event.