Geek and Gamer Girls, We’re unbelievable


Sailor Moon
Hogwarts boys all make them swoon
Aragorn, Legolas
These are the boys they love the best
I mean they’re good to go
Love Scifi, yo’
The girls are sweet
They can’t be beat

So on the 5th an event begins that had me completely geek out.


It’s one of those events that I’m sitting here going… I can’t believe I get to blog about this!!!!

When I applied, I actually said “please pick me, I’m who you make this event for.” And it’s true…I am a geek, nerd… total gamer girl…and yea, I get to blog about this!!!!

*takes a deep breath*

There are already so many cool things, and it isn’t just clothing…which is awesome, because I kinda have this thing for furniture too.

Anyhow… this is the important part… Nerdapalooza is a Relay for Life event. That means the money spent here goes to help pwn cancers ass (yep had to ) Relays for Life is an awesome thing, and if you don’t think you shopping here matters… here’s a lil  quote from the NFC website ” The Relay For Life of Second Life is the largest, most successful fund-raising event in the virtual world, raising more than $2,000,000 USD since its first event in 2004.”

Yea… 2 million

It runs from the 5th -11th, so mark it down, and plan on heading over there

Now that I’ve gotten all that out… here’s a big of a look at what you can get at Nerdapalooza 2015!!

Top pic: !FA! Gamer Desk Set, KK – Chemistry Mesh Window RARE, Nerd Bookends “Blush” – The Artist Shed


The Tenth Couch, Mad Mans Ottoman ~ The Artists Shed, KK-Talk Nerdy! Mesh Window


What I’m wearing:

+elua+ Miriam_Brown pack ~ MIX event 

ALTAIR* candy princess .candy blue. ~ Candy Fair

RH  Punk Chucks for Slink Flat(Boxed) Nerdapalooza Exclusive

Stockholm&Lima: Candy Collar (Princess) ~ Candy Fair

{Secret Love} Blocky ~ Nerdapalooza

{Secret Love} Nerd Love ~Nerdapalooza

~silentsparrow~ My Favorite Socks – Stripey Edition for FLF


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