I’ve been waitin’ all day…


When you gonna call
Don’t leave me brokenhearted
I’ve been waiting up
Let’s finish what we started, oh oh
I can’t seem to let you go

Ever have that one person that you wait for… and wait for…and wait for……?

Granted, most of it is my personality of not wanting to be like I’m a bother so I don’t get in there face and say ” A lil attention here please!” Still when you have a cute girl waiting….. you really need to smarten up before the cute girl doesūüėČ

For now, retail therapy…. including trips to Migica (50% off summer sale!!!!) ¬†N21, Tres Chic, and Shiny Shabby.

Just as a heads up, the capris I am wearing from Just Because are an N21 Exclusive, and they have a perfect fit. You don’t want to miss out on those.

What I’m wearing:

Magika – 01 – Summer

*Just BECAUSE* Jen Capris – N21Exclusive


Mimikri – Naomi Organza Crop Top blossom – Tres Chic

Decor ~ Zerkalo Sea Breeze gacha РShiny Shabby

I’ll keep you up

I need her so bad,
Sometimes I feel like I can taste it
This evil romance
So good I never wanna waste it
I can’t trust my friends
‘Cause she’s what everybody chases
I know where she’s been
‘Cause it’s on everybody’s faces

So the week has been busy, and I am currently in the midst of that post Epiphany high where how much I spent during early access to the event hasn‚Äôt quite hit me yet‚Ķ..it will be followed closely by the ‚Äúdamnit I missed that one!!‚ÄĚ I also did a bit of a damnit I missed that one on a blog post too. Took the photo, had everything organized‚Ķ.then my graphics card and win 10 updated‚Ķ.and firestorm decided it no longer liked my graphics card, or maybe it‚Äôs jealous of my house‚Ķbut it keeps crashing every time I try to be home. Thankfully it seems to like the rest of my sim, so I‚Äôll just camp out there (not like I actually do much in my house‚Ķ that may be another blog for another day..Bella‚Äôs non used house)

Anyhow, because of the whole thing, you are getting not one, but two photos and things to buy, and likely seeing more parts of me than normal in my posts (don’t worry, all the pixels that will have people gasping are covered)So without further ramblings…. get ready to go shopping


The week started off with goodies from The Forest and blogger packs from Marvelous Monthly. ¬†I believe you can still get a key to the Forest (1000L group fee) and there are all sorts of amazing items waiting for you ! (including fatpacks of DeeTalz skin!!!!) Marvelous Monthly is still going strong, and we’ll just say I’m “fashionably ” late to the party? Both are events you’ll want to check out. The Livian bodysuit comes with a hud giving you a variety of transparent colors, and appliers for all bodies including system layers.

What I’m wearing:

Lavian&CO – Cover Me ~ Marvelous Monthly

[BREATHE]-Mandy Heels-The Forest

Exile:: Wicked Games

DeeTaleZ *Appliers* CATWA Head “Face Amaya” ~The Forest

Pose: BoS Tude ~ Marvelous Monthly


Romp has been missing in my life. Anyone who has been to my sim will undoubtedly found some of the elegantly kink items in my previous trips to the event, and their event this month is one not to miss. It even gave me a chance to wear those pointe slink feet! ¬†Anachron’s Pointe Foot Trainers are a very lovely set of footwear that I think I will be finding excuses to wear….please note, you NEED slink pointe feet to wear them. I also have to mention the pose, because it is one of three very unique poses from Hopscotch. The human lamp includes RLV and 6 different poses for your sub, giving you a more enticing object to look at than just your ordinary lamp.


What I’m wearing:

Pumec ~Lucia Catwa (body appliers included) ~ FREE GIFT

S&P Ryan pink ~ Romp

S&P Diamond Pasties ~Gacha Guardians item

Anachron –¬†Pointe Foot Trainers ~Romp

*~*HopScotch*~* Human Standing Lamp ~Romp

photo taken @ DGO Gentleman’s Lounge


One more


“Something like a strong wind is coming over me
It’s got a hold of me, yeah
Thinking and doing things I shouldn’t be
I really shouldn’t be
Give it one more call
It’s one more “whatcha doin right now?”
It’s one more trip to my side of town and you walk right in
One more here we go again”

Rally to Rescue is in full swing now, and¬†time for a few more goodies you can get for great deals, and do something good for those sweet pitbulls that need your help. I’m very pleased to see some of those big names in SL fashion helping out with the cause, and really happy to tell you about their items!

Blueberry has spoiled us with the very sexy Sabina dress, in a special fatpack….and it’s $400L. but before you stop reading now and tp over there just wait. Truth is also supporting Rally to Rescue with the Opal hair for only $200L (fatpack $500L). I am also really happy to be able to show off the Industrial Loft skybox from Unkindness (I’ve had a chance to blog their items a few times, and have always loved their things)

Anyhow… you have a few more days to get your items, and a few more days to go hang out at the¬†Ghost Bully’s MC World¬†and enjoy the events there… so … get shopping!!

Sunday July 10th
continued – Rally To Rescue Shopping Hud!
12pm – Rally To Rescue Charity Rideout (all are welcome!)
2pm – Eagles Tribute Concert (street stage)
4pm – King of The Hill Ride (Elimination Match)
6pm – Ziggy Stardust (Bowie) Tribute Concert (main stage)
12am – Midnight Ride (all welcome!)

What I’m wearing:

close up

::SG:: SoftClaSS Shadow For Catwa Heads And Classic AV. @ Makeover Room

Glam Affair – Catwa Applier – Bell – America @ Collab88

Just Magnetized – Begonia Lipstick for CATWA

#9 MC.Necklace.Goddess ~ June Arcade

DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya – Call Of The Sea (Boxed)

TRUTH HAIR Opal Р browns~Rally to Rescue item

Blueberry – Sabina – Queen Mode Activated – Fat Pack ~Rally to Rescue item


Main pose by LA BoS Poses ~Toxicity @ Marvelous Events

I’m so over it


Cut my hair cause it reminded me of you
I know you like the long do
Had to switch up my attitude up
Thinkin’ of changin’ up how I ride
No more on the passenger side
Too bad you missed out on the way that I drive it

So life has strange ways of taking twists and turns you weren’t expecting. Not that it’s a bad thing, just unexpected. ¬†Most of you know that I own Daddy’s Girl Oasis, and well I have totally revamped the place to be my own little world unto itself… I should never have the ability to play with half a sim…anyhow there is a reason for the shameless plug for my spot (yes you should come check it out, it’s amazing for photos) I’ve opened it up so that people now have access to another 1/4 section on the sim and to a really cool pose shop, ¬Ľ¬Ľ‚ĒÄProvocative Designs‚ĒĬę¬ę. (might be bias, might have to do with her making a Bella pose, but they are still awesome) So you should come to the sim, have a tour around and yes, get some shopping done. I even have the invitation/hud giver to Rally to Rescue at the landing point.

In my last post I mentioned a bit about the event that starts on the 8th. And for those who didn’t pay attention. On¬†July 8th there will be one hell of a party starting here. The event is to help rescue real life pitpulls from abuse & neglect.

July 8th

12am – Rally To Rescue Shopping Hud!
12pm – Joe Cocker Tribute Concert (street stage)
12pm – Cutest Real Life Pet Photo Contest Starts
2pm – Rob Zombie Tribute Concert (main stage)
4pm – Rally To Rescue Charity Rideout (all are welcome!)
6pm – Black Crowes Tribute Concert (street stage)

And now for another sweet preview of what’s for offer on that shopping hud. ¬†Souled Out has the outfit I’m wearing in 3 color options. It includes Maitreya, Belleza (all shapes) and both Slink, as well as standard mesh sizing. The booty shorts are very attention grabbing…and I got mad compliments while wearing the outfit around yesterday….and she put it out for sale early! It’s always awesome to have something earlier than every other person on the gridūüėČ Seriously sexy/cute outfit no matter which of the three you pick…or be smart, get them all and have way more options!

What I’m wearing:

GBMC Rally To Rescue Pit Bull Bracelet ~ gift available July 8 !!

Souled Out Cozy Cotton T Style 2 ~available now

Souled Out Risky Shorts Style 2~available now

Lamb Loomer hair ~ past Arcade gacha

Izzie’s thigh high tube socks

[GOS] Botique low tops ~past gacha

Glam Affair Gabriela CATWA applier ~ Gacha Guardians current round

I’m the only one


But I’m the only one
Who’ll walk across the fire for you
I’m the only one
Who’ll drown in my desire for you
It’s only fear that makes you run
The demons that you’re hiding from
When all your promises are gone
I’m the only one

In June I received this notecard from someone I never met, asking me if I would like to blog for an event in July. I said yes for a few reasons, the main one being¬†the event is for something very awesome…. and because I can’t say it better, here’s what the organizers have said.

The Ghost Bullys have chosen to be a voice for Pit Bulls and their persecution, but we believe it is our moral responsibility to protect and improve the lives of ALL abused, abandoned, and homeless animals. Rescues are often these animals, last and only hope.

100% of our collected donations goes directly for the care of animals at non-profit, no-kill, volunteer rescue organizations.

I’m a huge animal lover, will even admit I like most of them more than I do a good portion of humans. So the chance to be a part of something like this was one opportunity I couldn’t say no to. Rally to the Rescue Runs from July 8th to 12th, and I’ll be posting more info in the next blogs too, because they have rides, concerts, contests, and a shopping hud¬†(link to the free hud on mp) with some of the most awesome designers in Second Life giving their support!

My outfit is from Pretty Sexy Things, and I have to say I’m loving the top. Always been a fan of knotted tshirts, and this one is perfect. The jeans have the distressed rips, and a a few cute patches to let everyone know how much you love your dog…..and the booty.No you aren’t getting a rear view of the jeans…but lets just say I had more than a couple positive comments about it.

The top and jeans are in standard mesh as well as Slink (yes hourglass too), Belleza (all shapes) and Maitreya. She has you covered no matter what body you want to wear.

And…. you might be late for it (we can hope they were left out still) but my hair and skin are both from this weeks Fifty Linden Friday. Belleza skin applier for Catwa, and Exile’s hair. I’d go check just to see if you can still get them.

What I’m wearing:

PST – Rally To Rescue – Lets Be Friends – Maitreya (top) ~ Available July 8

PST – Worn Skinny Jeans – Dog Lovin’ – Maitreya ~ Available July 8

Exile::Wicked Games FLF

Belleza   FLF Keira Catwa Applier


Who am I?

Who am I?

I’m a bitch, I’m a lover
I’m a child, I’m a mother
I’m a sinner, I’m a saint
I do not feel ashamed
I’m your hell, I’m your dream
I’m nothing in between
You know you wouldn’t want it any other way

There has been a great deal of talk in my virtual life about me being me lately. And I will be the first one to admit, the whole thing is one reason I’ve been so quiet on here. I am a very “alive” person, intense, passionate, and I will throw myself into things 110%….including relationships.

This time, I in a way lost focus, and to those who love me…I lost myself.¬†And they’d be right. I can tell you it pisses me the hell off to see this scared girl I’ve become. Problem is…I don’t even know how it happened, or how I get myself back.

Then again…. “me” does fall hard and fast, usually ending up consumed in the flames….¬†you’d think I’d learn by now!

Now, you’re likely wondering what all this had to do with a blog post, and there is a reason….see Ripley made an outfit for Facepalm, named Ripley… and the “Bitch” across the front of the shirt struck something inside me. So thank you Ripley, you kinda knocked something into my head with clothing that I’ve been looking for.

Now… this outfit was only supposed to be on sale for 24 hours, but I did just check, and it’s still in the store for $99L. I’d suggest you get your butts down there and grab it. It has the mesh hoodie, jeans with all sorts of appliers, shoes for slink high, and earrings.

What I’m wearing:

+Facepalm+ Ripley LE @ the mainstore

pr!tty РMiMi Р[Browns]  @ Chapter 4

Taken at Daddy’s Girl Oasis

That SL/RL blend

I’m sure we’ve all seen those profiles that say SL/RL separate. Those of us who have been around long enough know there isn’t a way to totally keep that divide and remain human. Something happens when you spend hours on end chatting with someone, it breeds a closeness that you don’t get in a non virtual world, maybe its because in a way, you’ve found “your kind” and there is an ages old bond already in that familiarity.

I know…pretty deep for the girl who talks about really cute clothes huh?

I have been blessed with amazing friends coming into my life this past year I’ve come back to Second Life. I’ve met a girl who is in all ways my other half, we share a brain, and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.(Love you Jay <3) And then there are those who have slipped into those places of importance in my life,¬†ones I know I can turn to to get those cold reality checks, the hugs,the advice…and know through it all, they accept me and all my flaws.

This post is about one of them.

Foxy was hired on at my sim as a DJ. I really had nothing to do with it, I was honestly pretty meh about the whole thing.¬†Time of course has changed the “meh” I have been lucky enough to have found a friend who is there to support me 100%. When I couldn’t deal with the club, she helped pick up where I was slacking. She’s been there for advice, for that shoulder, for those strange questions about Dom/sub relationships, transgender, homosexual, ¬†and all those kind of taboo and somewhat offending ones¬†you don’t want to ask in public. She’s made me laugh, she’s been that voice of reason without the “I told you to do it this way”

She’s been busy lately, began a job, and wrote a book that you can get here

She published it, saying she’d be shocked if anyone ever bought it. I’ve head the pleasure of reading some of her work, and I can’t see why anyone wouldn’t buy it… and I would love to show her that others agree. The story is fantasy of course, zombies, werewolves, love…who could ask for anything more? Not to mention…it’s on sale right now.

From the book:¬†Alicia Jacobs just lost her job, it seems like everything is going wrong and it can only get worse. Her girlfriend calls her late at night, from jail.Oh and her girlfriend I’d a werewolf which only makes things worse as she has to deal with supernatural politics. Alicia heads out to run to her rescue only to get mixed up in some pretty dangerous stuff. Even Alicia couldn’t predict what happens next. From car chases to kidnapping can anything go right for this tough as nails lawyer?

So… you all need something to do while the letmein hud is furiously trying to tp you to the next event (which should be Uber) how about this time you have a good book to read while waiting to get in, and rez all those people wearing half their inventory plus their 18 kids, the dog and the fish they’re riding.

Trust me, you’ll be glad you grabbed a copy of the book.

We are the wierdos…

We are the wierdos~ pastel goth fair

Wow, it seems like forever since I blogged!

My virtual life decided to go and get busy, and sadly this got ignored. But..my 1/4 section of paradise is finished now, and life (with the exception of random adventures) should be back to my normal.

I’ve realized something in my 6 years on the grid…we who live in Second Life love Halloween. So many events, so many gifts, it’s kind of mind blowing, and we’re only half way through!

Today Pastel Goth opens for our shopping pleasure, and I have been loving the preview of Petite Mort’s selections for the event. Ok, I am totally biased as I do love her clothing…but these tops and skirts are the perfect¬†thing to keep you stylish this Halloween season.

And of course my nails are styling with the fantastic Maitreya nails from Dark Passions available at The Nightmare

snap pastgoth

What I’m wearing

Magika – Sorcery ~ group gift

Petite Mort- We are the Weirdos @ Pastel Goth

Petite Mort- Black chiffon skirt @ Pastel Goth

DP – Koffin Nails – Maitreya – Spell Casting @ The Nightmare

*MUKA* Thigh Socks

[White~Widow] Southpaw Р Henna РChest @ Epiphany